Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Interior

As I posted before, the carpet that came with my Cherokee was nasty. It was moldy, and smelled like stale, wet gym clothes, with a hint of dead animal and chemical cleaner. The seats weren't much better. After my friends got the heater working, I had it on full crank with the windows down, hoping to dry off whatever mold was growing in the carpet and didn't work. I love the seat pattern and the one-piece bucket seats.....yeah, I'm kidding, they're fugly.
They really had a 1970's feel to the design, even though the truck is a '93.

My pals Justin and Jay found seats and carpet out of a '98 that were practically mint, as well as new door panels (with wood trim!). I couldn't believe my luck. A few days ago, they spent an evening outside in -0 conditions ripping out my smelly interior then spent another night helping me put the new stuff in. I swear, it is like driving a brand-new truck. The exterior just doesn't match the interior anymore, everything is so new inside. One of these days, I'll get some decent shots of the interior installed.

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