Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Jeep is *&%$ again.

Well, the Jolly Green Giant died on me again.  About three weeks ago, I went to work, parked it on street-side parking and when I came back to it after my shift, it wouldn't start.  It stayed there for about a week and a half, then my buddy jay helped me get it back to my place.
My pal Justin has bailed me out dozens of times, and here he is, once again, standing over one of my broken down cars.
My buddy Lay under the truck, pulling the starter.  Yes, it was the starter.  The battery was good, the fuses were all good, the relays were good and there was a good strong current getting to the starter.  Justin's arranging for new starter for me and hopefully him and Lay will be able to get the Jolly Green Giant up and running again.


  1. *Update*

    I haven't posted the results, but Lay did end up getting the Jolly Green Giant up and running again. Justin was able to get me a pretty awesome deal on a new starter and Lay popped it in. I owe these guys big time....seems like an ongoing trend.

    Thanks again fellas!



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