Monday, April 23, 2012

A day at the Squamish Outdoor Range

My buddy Jay’s been telling me about this place out in Squamish where we could shoot out to about 150 meters, maybe even 200 meters from certain spots.  I’ve only shot my M14 out as far as 50 meters which really isn’t that far.  I’ve been bugging him to take me out there, so we decided to head out there and check the place out.

We were expecting rain, and possible snow since we were up in Squamish the week before and it was cold and wet.  I told Mok and Alphabet this so they dressed accordingly.  Mok was clearly overdressed for the day as he had his thermals on underneath his jeans.  The weather report said it was 15C, but it felt like it was at least 25.  The sun-baked earth was so dusty that when we drove in, only the patches in the shade didn’t kick up dust. 

Jay sighting in his Savage Arms .223

Mok shooting my M14

Mok’s work at about 100 meters.

This area must have been used as a range for ages.  We found all sorts of crap out here, from VCRs, TVs, microwaves, fire extinguishers, propane bottles, beer cans and even a flat screen TV.

We had to keep in mind that although this was a really fun place to shoot, all the garbage left behind makes shooters and gun enthusiasts look bad as it's not at all environmentally friendly.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a bunny-loving tree hugging hippie myself, but at the same time, I won't go out of my way to pollute the environment either.  Obviously, we didn't retrieve the bullets we shot, but we did make a conscious effort to retieve all our spent shell casings, and whatever other garbage we brought in with us.

I’m a really classy guy, so keep my ammo in zip loc bags.

It was so dry, every time someone fired from prone, a cloud of dust would kick up.

My M14 – so far nameless.  I was going to go with Black Betty (as if that hasn’t been done before) but she got a tan, so now I’m not so sure what to name her.

Jay teaching Alphabet the finer points of sniping fire extinguishers at 100 meters. 

It was getting really hot, and we were all starting to feel a little cooked, so we wrapped up the day with a little shotgun action. 

Jay’s dad was there as well, and he had a bit of fun with Jay’s shotty. 

I can’t wait to go out again and get more practice.  What I found is learning to shoot is just like learning to golf, I just need to go out there and practice, and build that muscle memory.  Well, I’m not even there yet, I’m still really just learning the theory.  I don’t even know all the proper terminology.  Looking through my sights, my rounds were landing a bit high (from about 135 meters out) where my crosshairs were at, and I didn’t bother adjusting my sights.  We figured if we back up to 200 meters next time, rounds might land right on target?

Anyway, really looking forward to getting more range time.

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