Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What have I done?

I may or may not have done something extremely stupid.  I had a wish-list of rifles I would like to have in my possession and recently, I dropped some pretty big coin to get one.  I have no business having one because my skills (and income) don’t justify one, but then again, I had an NSX at one time, and I was able to putt around town just fine in my Prelude, lol!

Anyway, it should be here in about a month or so, I’ll post pictures of it when it arrives, but here’s a teaser for anyone who’s actually reading this, lol!

From left to right Hornady Match .50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Boat Tail, Federal Premium Gold Medal Match .308 SMK, Federal American Eagle .223 55Grain FMJBT, and CCI Standard .22LR.

Federal American Eagle .50 BMG 660 Grain FMJ next to Hornady Match .50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Boat Tail.

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