Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PWS Rifle Build

So, what prompted this build?  I have a perfectly good Colt Canada SA20 sitting there in my safe, unfired, a virtual clone of my C7A2 which I know is an excellent rifle, so why not shoot that or build it up?  Well, I'll tell you, it's that stupid limited edition, commemorative tag on the rifle that has me hesitate to shoot it.  I doubt I will ever sell it, but maybe I'll pass it on to my son?  Besides, I have a perfectly good C7A2, rack #47 that I can abuse without feeling bad, so may as well keep this one shiny and new.  

But I still wanted to plink at 200m (what the closest range maxes out at) with an AR, and have decent optics on it.  So I found this smoking deal on a Colt HBAR barrel in an Armalite upper.  I'd find out later that it wasn't such a great deal because the Armalite upper isn't exactly what I wanted (should have done more research).  But anyway, the barrel is a beast, heavy profile under the handguards and weighs a ton.  I just hope it performs as well as the cold hammer-forged offering from Colt Canada.

Compared to my SA20 upper.

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