Thursday, May 3, 2018

Norinco Q-311 (A1 lower) grip screw arrived! It's M6-0.75mm.

Finally, the grip screw for my Norinco CQ-311 arrived.  I ordered the thing near the end of March and it showed up the other day.  I think the courier swam here from China.

Anyway, I was eager to find out if I ordered the right size (M6-0.75mm), or discover I messed up and had to order a different size (M6-0.50mm) and wait another two months.  Thank God it spun right in.

A comparison between standard AR grip screws (three on the left) which are 1/4x28, and the correct size for the Norinco CQ-311 which is an M6-0.75mm.  If you're in Canada, have fun trying to source one.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I've seen these in the states for $4.50 USD and $25 for shipping to Canada.

Because the selector location is slightly lower, the detent for the selected might be a bit too long.  I guess I could have removed some material, but I didn't bother and stuffed it in there.  The selector detent spring is a bit compressed, but it still works.  I may pop it out at a later date and sand down the bottom of it, but for now it works, though it's a bit tight.

Slapped the rifle together, did a function test, and everything seems to function just fine.  It's definitely not as refined as some of my other lowers (Colt USA, Colt Canada, KAC) and definitely not as pretty, but it will probably work just fine.

That's my A1 lower complete.  Since I snapped these pics, I slapped on the clone correct Ergo grip, but I have yet to decide if I like the Norinco lower on my Mk12 build.  

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