Monday, July 16, 2018

Bushmaster side sling swivel for M4

It's the little details, lol!  My first AR actually didn't have one of these, but I remember my first Airsoft M4 did, so I had to have one.

This one isn't an original Colt unit, the seller said it came off a Bushmaster, but I didn't care, this isn't a faithful clone anyway so I grabbed it.

My three year old wanted to help, so here he is trying to hammer in the taper pins that keep the sling swivel on.  Relax soccer moms, I cleared the rifle and made sure there were no live rounds in it or laying around anywhere in the room before he started.

Of course, in the mad rush to get the thing on, I installed it backwards and it had to come off again.

Rearward facing is how I see them mostly in pics.

Something you barely notice looking at it, but I'll sleep better knowing I have one, lol!

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