Monday, August 27, 2018

E-lander AR-10 7.62×51/.308 Riveted 5/20 Rounds Steel Magazine | Canada Compliant

On goes the pursuit of making my BCL 102 resemble an M110.  As previously mentioned, it will never be perfect because of the barrel nut threading, but I'm more or less satisfied with how it looks.  

I ordered some 5/20 AR308 magazines for it.  Some of the BCL 102s came with these from SFRC however I only bought a stripped receiver set so mine didn't come with any magazines.

These took FOREVER to get, but I think when I ordered these, they were out of stock and didn't even have them up on their website.  It seems like they have them up on their website now:

If they work, I might order more of them.  They at least fit into the magwell and seat properly.  Will have to find some time to see if they will feed rounds without any issues.

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