Friday, August 17, 2018

KAC/P&S Products rail covers

I got these rail panels off EE for super cheap, and now I know why.

The carrying case was KAC, but most of the panels, including the vertical grip turned out to be P&S Products.  I'm not exactly new to P&S products, I had an M5 RAS kit before.  I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't Airsoft junk, but it would have been nice if the seller had indicated that there was one 2-rib panel that was actually marked KAC.

It's not the end of the world, these are made to the same quality as KAC because it was a government contract for the US military, and who knows, maybe these will be a collector item one day.  Anyway, they were cheap, so I'm not too pissed about it.  Will throw half of these on to my M16A4 clone, and give my buddy Alex a few panels for his 102.

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