Monday, July 1, 2019

Painted my Colt Canada C8IUR CANSOFCOM clone

The weather was nice today and I finally got the nerve to spray paint my CANSOFCOM clone.

I originally planned to just dust on the paint and Tamiya usually goes on pretty thin, but one thing led to another and I got a bit carried away.  The end result, the rifle is buried under a few cans of paint for no apparent reason.

The Tamiya Nato Brown came out a lot brighter than I would have liked so I ended up giving all the brown parts a blast of Kylon Brown.

I tried to copy the paint pattern as best as I could, but as you can see, it looks nothing even close.  One thing it is though, is shiny and new....well, not shiny, but pretty new.  I don't plan to give it that artificial "battle worn" look though.  I'm just going to shoot the hell out of it so it wears naturally.

Since paint doesn't stick to rubber very well, it was already starting to wear just by handling it.  

A pair of 4 prong flash hiders...the one on the left is a Smith Enterprises Vortex unit, the one on the right is the unobtanium Surefire 4 prong.

CANSOFCOM clone next to my Mk18 Block II clone.  I didn't artificially weather my Mk18 clone, the paint looked brand new at one point and just wore naturally over time.

Next to my C7A2 clone.  One for the regular rank and file, one for the other guys.

Latest and probably last update to my clone is the nasty issue sling plate.

Too bad, my C8 Canadian Forces Canadiennes engraving disappeared under all that paint.

Two fake cans.

I'm glad I redid the brown parts, it looks a lot better with the darker shade.

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