Sunday, August 18, 2019

Went up to Merritt with a couple of buddies for some long range plinking.  A couple of guys didn't have long range rigs so they brought what they had to plink at the two gongs set up at 480m....until some jerk (me) took them both down with the 50bmg.  We had targets set up at 480m, 748m, 980m, and 1,180m.

I have the Eotech 512.A65 back on my ACR.  I'm so undecided about this rifle and still not sure whether it's worth sticking on any decent glass on it or not.  Always playing optic-musical chairs with this thing.

Our buddy Andrew took the following pics of the shoot.  Some pretty amazing photography:

He also made this cool slow motion video:

I think it was a pretty good day for everyone.  Vince and Andrew were able to make hits beyond 200m for the first time, both of them shot out to 748m for the first time.  Alex, Ray, Richard and me were able to hit Ray's head-size gong from 980m, and I reached out to 1,180m with my BCL102 using 147gr ELD Match.  

Apart from a few random mis-feeds, the BCL performed well.  I still would not trust my life to it, but if I can work out the feeding bugs, I'd probably have a bit more confidence in it.

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