Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rainy day at the Range

Last minute, a couple of pals wanted to go to the range to let off some steam.  Andrew wanted to try out his brand new PGW Timberwolf in 338, and Don wanted to try his new Sig 1922-22.  

I made it a cheap day at the range and brought my Mark II in .22lr, something I seldom shoot.  In fact, it's probably been years since I had this thing out.  

The T-Wolf is probably way more fun to shoot, but a lot more expensive, lol!

Don making fireballs with his KAC.

I threw in my new CMMG .22lr adapter into my CANSOFCOM clone and because it was .22lr, I was able to shoot it with the fake airsoft can on it without worrying about it going kaboom on me.  For the record, it's a fake airsoft can which does nothing to reduce the noise.  

With the .22lr adapter in there though, it definitely made for a cheap day at the range.

We were only plinking at the 50m range but it was still fun.  

I brought along a small gong with me and just plinked at it all day.  Managed to pull of a shot with my left hand while holding the camera with my right, lol!

Don on the T-wolf

Also spent some time at the steel range with the Glock 19x.

Also had a chance to try out the new belt and holster.

It took some time to get used to, but I took it nice and slow.

I probably only have about 1,000 rounds through this thing so far, but I'm pretty happy with it.

.22lr sure is filthy ammo.

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