Tuesday, September 30, 2014

M203 on my Colt Canada SA20

I should have written a disclaimer for this post, but didn’t think people would even find this picture, let alone take it seriously.  The 203 launcher is not real.  The last time I checked, a real one went for $6,000 on EE (CGN).  I understand you can buy a 37mm flare launcher for less, but I don’t see a reason to launch flares from a Restricted firearm at a registered shooting range.  That's not to say I wouldn't buy the real deal if I could afford it, hahaha!

So, for fun, I threw on an Airsoft 203 launcher on my SA20 just to see what it would look like, that’s all.  No harm in doing that as it was only on there for the photo shoot, I certainly don’t take it to the range like that.  Why did I do this?




  1. Dude, looks funky, but an airsoft 203 on there just looks kooky by those that can ID the stuff. Kind of a discredit to Diemaco/CC. Not trying to slag, just sayin' you've got quality SA20 real deal.


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