Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Accuracy International Chassis System AICS 2.0 Folding

I've got a thing for old school firearms stuff, and when this popped up on EE, my buddy told me about it and I had to have it.  Since I've got a Remington 700p, I thought I would try it would look this one appeared to be a reasonable price.  These things still retail for over $1200, but I didn't pay nearly that much.  It came with one 10 round AI magazine, and that's it.   

The previous owner bedded the aluminum bedding block for his 700, and my 700p action seemed to drop right in.  The barrel channel is huge though, so it actually makes the 700p barrel look skinny.

The folder is rock solid when open or closed, and it stays in the locked position.  Anyway, more to follow on this build :)


  1. Hi !

    Am looking for a chassis like this for my Remington Varmint 308 SA.
    If you know where to find a cheap one, please let me know to: oscar.sepulveda.cim@hotmail.com

    1. Hi Oscar,

      I'm not sure where you could get one now other that ebay. If you are on any long range/precision rifle forums, you might want to try the equipment exchanges.

      Hope that helps.



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