Friday, February 2, 2018

M24 sight bases from OK Weber

Normally, I would never consider iron sights on any sort of precision rifle, particularly one for longer ranges (primarily due to my poor eyesight), but this is different.  In comparison to many precision rifles using chassis systems, the M24 is about as sedate looking as a regular Remington 700 Police.  Aside from the ginormous barrel and the adjustable butt plate, there are few other visual cues to tell you that this 700 is not like the others.  

There are few other modern rifles that have back up iron sights, and to the best of my knowledge, the Police and 5R Mil-spec never came with these.  Although, neither are claimed to be exact clones of the M24, they were built and marketed to emulate the original and give the consumer something pretty close.  I knew that the $5,500 MSRP on the M24 would not include the entire deployment kit (I hear those run about $10k USD), but I hoped it would at least include something simple like the sight bases for the back up iron sights.  It did not.

We were told the original Redfield-Palma M24 back-up sight bases would be impossible to source in Canada, and I found that to be quite true.  The company is no longer in business and if you're lucky enough to find a used set that someone is actually willing to part with, it will cost you your first born.  Luckily, the US military still needs these and OK Weber is now has the contract to manufacture these.  The sighs themselves were currently out of stock and I wasn't in a hurry to build the complete deployment kit anyway, so I just ordered the sight bases.  

The barrel itself were drilled for the sights and it just felt naked without at least the sight bases.

Anyway, this is it for now.  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Remington M24....the real thing

Although I would love to say that this was my first gun purchase for 2018, I am sad to admit it is not.  My buddy picked up this rifle, one of ten ordered from Wanstalls from Gravel Agency for all of Canada.  That's not to say that there aren't more out there, but from what I understand, these were extremely rare before this, and Wanstalls is of the opinion that the outlook for future examples might be bleak.

This isn't a Remington 700 5R, or a 700 Police, or a custom clone, this folks came directly from Remington as a 7.62 M24.  It's not a refurbished one, or the complete deployment package but a "rifle only" deal that is literally that.  No front sights, no rear sights, no sight base, no Mark 4, no bipod, 1903 sling, cleaning kit or hard case with cut foam.  It's just the rifle, and here are a few pics of it and what it came with:

For a $5k rifle, the packaging sure was discreet.  Just a plain cardboard box from Remington with a hard case inside.

I've never heard of this brand hard case, probably on par with Flambeau rifle cases, but definitely not Pelican or Hardigg.  

Not the typical R700 manual.

Note the rifle does not come with a bipod, that's just a cheap Champion I had laying around.

It was a bit disappointing to shell out $5k and not even get the sight bases.  The barrel is threaded to accept the sight base....if we can source one.  These things are pretty rare though, even on US eBay, so finding one in Canada will require a miracle.

M24 crown.

It's hard to tell, but the M24 barrel profile is definitely beefy and it would definitely not fit in a regular 5R milspec or Police stock.  

It's neat to see 7.62 NATO stamped in the barrel instead of 308 WIN like on my 700P. 

Top view of the barrel and barrel channel.

The M24 mark on the receiver, plus holes for the unique rear sight.  

Even though it's chambered in 7.62, the rifle is built on a 700 long action.

The most notable difference is the HS Precision stock.  The one on the M24 is the PST-024, whereas the one that comes on the 700 Police is the PST-011.  The adjustable length of pull is definitely a nice feature, but I understand that this stock costs huge dollars.

I'm not sure if the bottom metal is the Dakota/Sunny Hill unit, but it's definitely different than the standard Remington one that comes with the 700P

I thought even on the M24, the sling swivels were Uncle Mikes or something like that, but these ones had the Remington "R" logo on it, nice touch.

The M24 trigger is supposedly adjustable, though it comes from the factory at a fairly decent setting.  Unlike the 6.5 lb pull that came on my 6.5cm barrelled action, this one felt more like 3 lbs or so, broke like glass, no creep.  Feels like an excellent trigger and I'll have to measure it properly when I get a chance.

I could have sword the issued M24s didn't use the Remington butt pad, but I'll have to dig around a bit to see if this was the case.

A comparison between a regular 700P (top) and the M24

The coating on the bolt handle for the M24 appears to be thicker, maybe cerakoted?  The one on the Police appears to be a plain parker or phosphate finish?

The barrel from the M24 on the left is definitely beefier than the Police barrel

I have no idea what the markings mean on these barrels, but I did notice an "M" on the M24 barrel.

Anyway, I'm going to have to track down the sight bases, but have no idea where to begin.  I might just contact Remington directly, but I heard that the Chou Brothers in Canada have built M24 clones and maybe they'll have a source for some of these hard to find details.