Saturday, October 13, 2018

CANSOFCOM IUR clone build

Been collecting parts for this build for a while now, and I'm still not quite there yet, but I am close so I figured I'd post about it.

Pics of this CANSOFCOM Colt Canada IUR surfaced a while ago and really inspired me to try and build a clone of it.

It's a Danish over run surplus C8 IUR with the grenade launcher lug milled off and a 10.5" barrel swapped in. The problem is, even with the Allen Engineering extender on the 10.5" barrel, it's still not right, so I'll have to dump the 10.5" barrel and extender for the correct 11.5" barrel with Allen Engineering sleeve. Anyway, this is what I have for now:

As you can see, my 10.5" barrel is still too short (The SAS IUR uppers are even shorter at 10")

With my Mk18 clones

From left to right, BHD clone, Mk18 Mod 0, Mk18 Block II, CANSOFCOM clone.

I haven't bothered painting it yet because I don't even have the right barrel for it yet. Will definitely paint it up eventually to look like the rifle that inspired the build.

So then these pics popped up:

So what was I to do? I made the mistake of visiting my pal at CTCS and he happened to have one of those Maxim stocks on his shelf......@$%&*#@!

And into the spare parts bin for a future build...

Still deciding if I like it or not, and which clone look to go after.

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