Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coolant Leak and other little setbacks.

The Jolly Green Giant was a bit leaky when I first got it, but after a while, it was getting worse.  On really hot days, it would actually gush out.
I think there's something wrong.
You can see the coolnt pooling by the base of the stem there.
At first, we thought it was the base of the stem leading to the top rad hose.
A piece of the belt.
Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that it was the bypass hose that was leaking.
You can see the deformed rubber around the clamp.
New upper rad hose, new thermostat (just in case), new stem gasket, new belt, coolant.
With the a/c compressor and alternator removed, it's pretty evident where the leak was coming from.
New bypass hose and new idle pulley (which was also pooched).
New driver's side mirror with no cracks.
The metal is all pitted from the coolant.
The old bypass hose next to the new one.

New stem attached with a new gasket.
Small tear in the belt.
Lay fixing my truck.

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