Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cookies and Bullets

Some cookies, made my a DVC regular, to help me shoot better.  These cookies were glorious.
Righ target sheet: 26 rounds at 10 Meters.  Left target sheet: 26 rounds at 15 meters.
I don't even know why I posted this, it's so messy.  At 15 meters, the targets on this sheet were so tiny my red dot completely covered them up.  Upper left hand corner, optic still zeroed for 10 meters.  Upper right, bottom right, and lower left circles are re-zeroed for 15 meters.  Second row from the bottom, experimenting with different ammo.
At 15 meters, I could barely see the silhouette.  The markings around the perimeter were completely invisible to me at that range.

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