Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Savage LE/MIL Promo

After a week of anticipation, my new rifle finally arrived.  Haha, I'm moaning about a week, but some guys have been waiting since November last year.  This is the Savage 10TR, made available to serving and retired members of law enforcement or military only.  At $599.99 plus tax, it's a steal.  An equivalent rifle in Savage's line-up will probably set you back about $900-$1,100.  To get the same specs from Remington, you're probably going to have to spend at least $1,200-$1,300.  Here are some of the details on this guy:

Calibre: 308 Win

Metal Finish: Matte Blued

Barrel: 24" Heavy Barrel 1-10" Twist, 5r rifling, Threaded for 5/8-24 Muzzle Device

Base: 1 Piece EGW 0 MOA

Trigger: 2 1/2 lb AccuTrigger

Bolt Release: Front Of Trigger Guard

Stock: Black Synthetic Accustock, Beavertail Forend, (3) Swivel Studs,

Magazine: Detachable Box (4 rounds)

Bolt Handle: Oversized Tactical

Accuracy: Sub MOA

This one came from Frontier Firearms and it was very well packaged.  I was expecting the factory box completely exposed with the postage info on it, but it came wrapped in a cardboard wrapper, with no indication it was a firearm at all.  Even the packaging label said Frontier Taxidermy.  It was like Christmas, haha!

The rifle itself came wrapped in a plastic bag, and so did all the other components like the removable box magazine, the bolt and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.

The removable thread adapter.

The factory one piece 0 MOA picatinny rail.

Savage's AccuTrigger.

The 10TR's new bottom bolt release, which seems to be a bit of a pain for some, especially for those looking for chassis systems for this rifle.

Two sling points for those that want to sling their rifles and use a bipod I guess.

The removable box magazine.

 The thread protector taken off to expose the 5/8 x 24 threading.

It's not a bad looking rifle, and it's got a TON of bells and whistles.  The only thing I had a bit of a grip with, and to be honest, it's just cosmetic, but I'm not a fan of the AccuStock's profile compared to the HS Precision one that came on my Remington 700 Police.   Personal cosmetic preferences aside, you really can't ask for much more considering the incredible price.

I acquired a few items ahead of time, even before the rifle arrived.  There's the massive muzzle brake I got off, a Blackhawk bipod, a Bushnell Elite Tactical 5-15x40mm and the Weaver tactical 6-screw rings.  I have no idea how well the brake will work as there are no reviews on it's performance.  

The bipod is has the pivot feature, however the frame of the bipod hits the stock when you tilt it, so I might return it and pick up a Champion one.  I'm not ready to spend double for a Harris just yet.  

I ordered another brake as well, this three chamber one, with two ports on top.  It had about 7 reviews online, all of them more or less good, but I figure I'll go with the over-the-top Titanic brake.  My buddy Jay bought this one off me.

The extra high weaver rings give plenty of clearance between the barrel and the scope objective and sunshade.  Hopefully it will be enough when the XLR Chassis arrives.

Some shots I took with my cell phone.  

One issue I had with my new rifle was the overall length was a bit too long.  The 24in barrel, with the foot-long brake (I exaggerate)  makes it just too tall to fit in my locker.  My buddy Jay helped me cut a hole in the shelf to allow the brake to poke through:

My 700 barely fits as it is, but the Savage 10TR needed some extra room.

Anyway I'm going to take the Savage to the range on Monday to test her out.  I've heard the 1 10 twist only likes 168grain and up, but I'll see for myself.  If you want to check out a very informative, professional review, check out this place on Day At the Range

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