Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cadex CDX-50 TREMOR and PGW LRT-3

Well, it was probably just a matter of time before people started to ask which 50BMG to get, the new Cadex CDX-50 TREMOR or the PGR LRT-3.  I'm not here to sell you one over the other, or tell you which rifle is better.  This post is just provide information which is publically available (please contact me in regards to any errors or anomolies found in the following post) and to express some of my own personal findings.  I have not performed any serious in-depth accuracy or precision tests, but from what I have experienced so far, you won't be disappointed with either, and they likely perform as well as their respective manufactures have promised.

MSRP: $8,500 
Dimensions and Weight:

·         Weight: 25.125lbs/11.42kg
·         Open Length: 52.5in/133.35cm
·         Closed Length: 43.5in/110.49cm
·         Open Width: 2.5in/6.3cm
·         Closed With: 5in/12.7cm
·         Min Length of Pull: 13.25in/33.65cm
·         Max Length of Pull: 14.5in/36.83cm
·         Barrel Twist: 1-15in
·         Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
·         Barrel Length Standard: 29in
·         Chamber Type: 50 BMG ACCURACY
·         Muzzle Brake: Unknown brand, possibly AAC? (1”-14UNF threading)
·         Action: PGW 
·         Bolt: PGW
·         Ideal Ammunition: 750 Grain AMAX
·         Effective Range: 1,800m
·         Magazine Capacity: 5 Rds
·         Cheekpiece Range of Adjustment: 1in/2.54cm
·         Trigger: Single stage Triggertech
·         Top rail: 45MOA
·         Accessories included: Two magazines ($375 each as per PGW price list 2014), one Pelican 1770 Long Case with custom cut foam (exact Value unknown, approximately $800-1,000), cleaning kit, cleaning rod, chamber guide, LRA bipod ($475 as per PGW price list 2014)

Cadex CDX-50 Tremor
MSRP: $8,499.95
Dimensions and Weight:

·         Weight: 23.0lbs/10.432kg
·         Open Length 51.5in/130.81cm
·         Closed Length 42.4in/107.7cm
·         Open Width: 4.25in/10.8cm
·         Closed With: 5.3in/13.5cm
·         Min Length of Pull: 13.25in/33.65cm
·         Max Length of Pull: 14.5in/36.83cm
·         Barrel Twist: 1-15in
·         Barrel Material: 416 Stainless Steel
·         Barrel Length Standard: 29in, 8 groove, 1.680” Straight taper with barrel band
·         Chamber Type: 50 BMG ACCURACY
·         Muzzle Brake: Cadex MX1 (1”-14UNF threading)
·         Action: 416 Stainless, Cadex heavy duty 1.960” custom
·         Bolt: 416 Stainless, 4 lug, 50 degree throw, tool-free firing pin disassembly
·         Ideal Ammunition: Unknown (likely 750 Grain AMAX)
·         Effective Range: Unknown (likely 1,800m+)
·         Magazine Capacity: 5 Rds
·         Cheekpiece Range of Adjustment: 1in/2.54cm
·         Trigger: Cadex DX1 Single or DX2 Double stage
·         Top rail: 20 MOA, 30 MOA, or 45MOA
·         Accessories included: one magazine ($334.95 each as per Cadex web store), Sniper Drag Bag ($195.95 + $50 for 62” version)

Some of these photos are from the day of the unboxing of the TREMOR.  As you can see, size-wise, the two rifles are very comparable, which is not particularly surprising as the PGW uses the Cadex chassis system.

Both bolts are built very robustly with plenty of mass to send the round home and lock it down.  The Cadex unit has 4 locking lugs compared to PGW's 2 locking lugs, but I doubt either will give me any grief.  The advantage the Cadex unit will have is a shorter throw (50 degrees according to Cadex website).

Under natural light, you will notice a slight variation in the color of the rifles, with the Cadex rifle having a slightly darker hue.  Both look great in my opinion and I like the two-one as well as the one-tone.

A comparison with the two muzzle brakes, both with 1”-14UNF threading.  The PGW his held on with a massive lock nut, where the Cadex unit appears to be spun on and locked down with a built in clamp-style fastening system.

Comparison of the safeties.  The PGW uses a Remington-style safety where Cadex has the safety integrated with the bolt.

Here is a clear comparison between the bolt lever throw, Cadex on the left, PGW on the right.  

If I'm not mistake, the newer chassis from the TREMOR (left) has a longer hand guard.  You will also notice that the ventilation slots were left uncut to act as an anti-mirage system.

A comparison between my three tan Cadex chassis.  Top is the one used for my PGW LRT-3, the middle one is the new Cadex CDX-50 Tremor, and the bottom one is a stand alone  Lite Strike I bought for my Savage 110.  

All my Cadex rifles.

The magazine well for the two 50bmg chassis systems appear to be different, with the mag release lever being an updated design in the new TREMOR (left)

The rear of the magazine well sports a different magazine locking latch which facilitates loading and unloading magazines in the new TREMOR (left).  With the LRT-3, the magazine has to be tilted in slightly, but with the TREMOR, the magazine can go virtually straight in.

My kid and his "hand-me-down" 50bmg.  This photo will probably upset a few anti-gun bed-wetters, lol!

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