Monday, March 12, 2012

Videos from Work

To some people, having a second job would be considered an unwanted necessity to make ends meet, but for me, I consider it a privelage. I happen to love my day job, and my second part-time job, and to this day, I still can't beleive they pay me to do the stuff I do there.

This was the second time I ever fired a rifle, let alone get paid to do it. I was severely disappointed when my dreams of becoming a sniper were shredded and I found out I was a crappy shot. My vision isn't exactly the best either, and even though I was looking through a 3x zoom optic, the target at 200 meters wasn't in my face, as I had hoped (at 100 meters, it was okay). I have so much to learn, but it should be fun trying to get there.

I really hate the kneeling position, which means I will have to spend more time getting decent at it. I just couldn't get into stable and comfortable platform so my grouping was pretty bad, and got worse at 200 meters. I was convinced that I failed the test, but somehow, I managed to pass.

The next day, our training staff gave us a live fire demonstration and I think the scenario was what happens when a patrol runs into an ambush. For a noob like me, it looked really impressive.

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