Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shooting results with the AR at DVC

I thought I posted these before, but I guess not.  These are pics of some shooting I did back in May with my Norc and the .22lr drop in. 

For those of you that know DVC, these are some of the huge target sheets that they provide.  This first pic is 5 rounds at 17 yards with my crappy red dot, no magnification, supported.  At that range, my red dot at it's smallest setting covers up most of the figure in the upper righthand corner.

All the circled stuff was just zeroing shots.  The cluster in the centre was 26 rounds of .22lr with my Fakepoint, supported with no magnification at 17 yards. 

This last pic is 26 rounds of .22lr at 17 yards with my crappy red dot, no magnification, unsupported rapid fire with a completel lack of marksmanship (I'll be the first to admit I'm a craptacular shot and probably can't hit the broadside of a barn without my glasses). I'd say that Norinco CQ-A with the CMMG .22lr are both winners.

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