Thursday, August 2, 2012

12' LOP Hogue Stock Set Installed Successfully onto Maverick 88

So my buddy was over last night till 2am installing the Hogue stock set on his Maverick 88.  It fits like a glove, with the right parts.  We ended up getting the Mossberg 6 3/4 action tube assembly and the Hogue forend adapter nut (which is longer than the Mossberg nut) and it was matched perfectly.  He then threw on the 12in LOP stock on to the 88.  The washer that came on the 88 wasn't quite wide enough to let the bolt seat evenly in the Hogue unit so we dug around and found a slightly larger washer and it worked better.  Everything seems to work so we'll take it to the range this Friday to test her out. 

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