Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barrel Swap

As I said in my previous posts, I picked up a second 10/22 with a build in mind, so it didn’t stay as is for very long.  In fact, I cleaned it up enough for a few pictures and then immediately took it down and started to tinker with it, haha!

The factory barrel and a nice shiny bore with a low round count, so it should make for a quick, clean resale.  I basically bought this rifle for the receiver and will flip everything else to recoup some of the money I had no business spending, haha!

The great thing about the 10/22 is the fact it is so easy to take down and tinker with.  Watch a couple of youtube videos the first time and it is all so easy to remember. 

So I yanked the barreled receiver out of my Nomad kit and was trying to decide if I should run the black receiver and stainless barrel in the green Hogue stock, or swap the barrel over to the stainless receiver and gray trigger group.

Would have been easier just to drop the whole thing straight in, but that wouldn't be as fun, haha!

Comparison between trigger groups.  My black one has been tinkered with.  It has the Power Custom hammer and sear kit, as well as the Promag extended mag release and auto bolt release. 

I commented to my pal Jay about how I forgot to order an auto bolt release and he reminded me that it is a simple mod that I could accomplish for free.  I took his advice and pulled out the bolt release and threw it in the vice.  Less than 5 minutes of filing and it was done.  The material is fairly soft and files down easily so be careful not to remove too much material. 

The factory SS barrel came out easier than my blued barrel from my other 10/22.  I hosed it down with G96 and let it sit for a few minutes, but maybe it came out easier this time because I knew what I was doing this time around.  The ER Shaw barrel fit like a glove.  I’ve heard horror stories of people ordering barrels and they’re either too tight or too loose.  Anyway, perfect fit and very little difficult in terms of timing the barrel so that the extractor lines up with the channel in the barrel.

At first, I wasn’t sure I liked the satin finish on the receiver and I definitely was not fond of the color of the gray plastic trigger group, but once it was all put together, it really grew on me.

Now all I need is a rail, some glass and I’m ready to go plinking!

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