Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hogue Overmold stock for 10/22 heavy barrels in OD Green

Haha, I ordered this stock to sort of kick-start a second build I had no business doing.  I already have a perfectly fine 10/22 in the Pro-Mag Archangel Nomad chassis, though it wasn’t always running well, so it prompted me to think about relocating the rifle into a more traditional rifle stock.  Anyway, I got the Nomad chassis running good, but the seed was already planted and I really liked the Hogue stock so I got one. 

The packaging is cheap, but it doesn't really need to be fancy as the stock is very sturdy and doesn't require a whole lot of packaging material.  Besides, it's better this way as it keeps costs down.

I got the stock with the barrel channel that could accommodate a .920 barrel.  When I test fit it, it did not pass the 5 dollar (because in Canada there is no longer $1 and $2 bills, haha!) bill test. 

I had to remove just a bit of material near the front of the stock.  I basically just took some sand paper, wrapped it around a permanent marker and removed a tiny bit on the left and after that, it fit just fine, allowing enough room to clear a $5 note to pass.

Some comparison shots between a standard Ruger 10/22 synthetic stock with the Hogue Overmold stock for a .920 barrel:

The stock feels good overall.  From the side profile, it looks very similar to the factory stock.  It’s definitely thicker in several areas and the tactile nature of the material it’s finished in gives it better gripping capability.  Most importantly, it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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