Saturday, January 31, 2015

American Defense Recon-S Quick-Release Scope Mount Picatinny-Style

I picked up an American Defense Recon-S mount for my 10TR because.....well, I didn't actually have a good reason to get it...I guess it was because it was on sale, haha!

I was using the rings that came with my Millett LRS which are extra high for clearing the 56mm objective on a flat-top (probably AR) rifle.  Actually, I was using the set that came with it plus an extra from another set, for a total of three rings.  Didn't really need three, but there was space and thought I'd seen it done somewhere else.

As you can see, it left a lot of clearance from the objective to the top of the hand guard.

So, the AD-RECON-S came packaged in the same style as my AD-RECON-SL that I'd gotten for my Cadex 700:

The only difference between the AD-RECON-S and the -SL model is the SL model is lower and does not have that extra slab between the rings and base.

As you can see it mounted on my 700, it barely clears a 50mm objective.  Since the S model was on sale, I figured it'd be worth the gamble, so I bought it to see if the extra height would be too much.

The height over bore is quite a bit, but not as bad as the Millett Tactical 6-hole high rings that came with the scope.  I'll find some time one of these days and take some better pictures.

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