Sunday, February 8, 2015

Colin's PGW Coyote

Wish it were mine, but that's not the case.  My buddy Colin just picked up a PGW Coyote and I am so jealous, haha!

It's a pretty sweet rifle, but PRICEY, holy!  Colin took it out to the range today to zero it and at 100m, he was making a ragged .308th of an inch hole.  We'll take the thing out to Squamish one of these days and stretch her legs out to 600m+ and from there, who knows.

I used to dream about getting a Coyote, but I've got a couple of decent rigs right now, so now I've set my hopes on getting one of these one day:

PGW LRT-3 in .50BMG.  I don't think I could afford to buy one for a long, long time, maybe not even a used one, but who knows, maybe I could pawn off one of my kidneys?

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