Monday, December 14, 2015


So, my OCD got the better of me and I coudn't have an Armalite upper in my build, especially one that wasn't to standard spec and taller than a regular upper.  I found this out when I mounted the PWS hand guard to it and it didn't line up.

So my pal Hermes hooked me up with a PWS upper on a trade and even helped me install it.  Here's the old Armalite one, and into the spare parts bin it goes.

Shortly after, my A2 receiver extension arrived so I was finally able to install the PRS Stock.  

Of course, I had to use an A2 buffer and buffer spring as well

Pretty much a complete PWS rifle except for the trigger group (using that awsome single stage Jard unit) and barrel (Colt HBAR).  

I've gone from promising myself one AR and that would be all I needed (A norc at that) to two top tier ARs and three I slapped together.

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