Monday, November 28, 2016

5.11 Bail Out Bag as a diaper bag

For all you dads out there who don't want to carry around that paisley diaper bag, 5.11 Tactical has come up with the perfect solution.  I present to you the 5.11 Bail Out Bag.

It's a decent size bag with one main compartment, three external mag pouches, and two zippered pockets.  

The back of the bag has some sort of Velcro loop, presumably to attach to your belt if need be, 

The external zippered pockets are large enough to house snacks, baby wipes, rolled up change of clothes for a kid, more magazines, a water bottle, small radio, or binos, or range finder.

The mag pouches have Velcro fasteners and they should be good for water bottles, milk bottles, beer bottles, or three STANAG magazines each.

The first pouch has an extra section of Velcro so you can throw on morale patches.  Sometimes you need a little something like this to put a smile on your face when your kid is stressing you out, or you just want to piss off the liberal soccer moms at the playground:

The main compartment is filled with molle in case you want to attach anything else like additional mag pouches or a holster or something.  Otherwise, it is large enough to fit a decent size diaper bag/change pad (filled with wet wipes and three or four diapers), a toy Millenium Falcon as well as a bib and some more clothes.

Yes, all that stuff fits neatly in the 5.11 Bail Out bag. 

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