Monday, October 9, 2017

Merritt Long Range Shoot

I finally got to get this thing to stretch it's legs this past weekend.  The last time I took this thing out, we only managed to find a spot that maxed out at 200m.  This time, we found a nice spot between Merritt and Hope that could reach out to 2km easily.  Hitting that far is another story - I will need to work on my marksmanship for that.

With the 110, I was able to ring steel on first shot for 480m, 680, 860m,  and I had to work a bit for 1,190m (told you I suck).

I wish the length of pull on the AI stock had adjustable length of pull, but apparently I need to buy spacers if I want it longer.

The rifle shot well, using dope collected from my pal Jay's rifle (same Remington barrelled action, I was able to get rounds on steel on first shot at 480m, 680m, 860m, and I had to work a bit for 1,190m.

The rifle shoots well considering it was just a barrelled action out of the box, shooting factory ammo.  

I didn't bother with any sort of "break in procedures", just shot the thing.  I'll have to shoot groups with it one of these days, but it seems to like Hornady 147 grain ELD Match and it zeroed very well with it.

I got to zero the ACR using Hornady 75 gr Steel Match and though I didn't spend any time shooting groups after zeroing, I was able to get rounds on steel at 480m on the first shot.  I didn't spend much time on it as I had a bunch of other rifles that needed to be zeroed, so I'll have to get it out again soon.

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