Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Surefire 7.62 Training Suppressor with Muzzle Brake for the BCL 102

This training suppressor isn’t for me actually, but I thought I would post some pics and have a small comparison to Surefire’s 5.56mm version of their training suppressor.  

The packaging is basically the same as their 5.56 version, bubble wrapped instead of coming with a molle pouch like the real deal.

It's definitely longer than the 5.56mm version.

My buddy picked up a Surefire 7.62 muzzle brake to go with it.

I found that the 7.62 actually clamps onto a 5.56 muzzle device, but the 5.56 training suppressor will not fit on a 7.62 muzzle device.

My Surefire 4 prong flash suppressor.

My Mk18 with the 7.62 training suppressor on it.

Anyway, this unit was meant for my buddy's BCL102 and it fit like a glove.  

Doesn't look that bad either.

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