Monday, December 17, 2018

Stag 10 Non-restricted semi auto in 6.5 Creedmore

The Stag 10s have been all the rage since before they came out, and some say, these have destroyed the market for the likes of the BCL102 and even the ATRS Modern Hunter.  I'd already build up a BCL102, but it was plagued with issues because it was anyone's guess what parts would fit and what parts wouldn't.  The ATRS rifles weren't problem free either, and those were mega bucks compared to the 102.

Along comes Stag Arms, who have been in the business for a significant amount of time, and QC and performance issues are pretty much non-existent for this company, unlike it's two competitors.  The entrance fee for the Stag wasn't horrendous, so I figured I'd jump on one.  My buddies Alex and Mark were at a PRS match in Merritt recently and in the gas gun category, there were about ten Stag 10s and a lone Modern Shotguns.  Not a single Stag 10 had issues during the entire match, all shot under sub-moa.  The 102 belonged to Alex, and we already knew his shot exceptionally well, but it was certainly not because it came from the factory like that.  That being said, I think he did mention his had one failure to eject and that was it.

Anyway, I figured it was probably time to get one, despite already owning a BCL102.  I decided to get the Stag 10 in .308.  Yes, I know what the title of the post says 6.5cm....I'll get to that.

Inside the cardboard box was a hard case with a Stag sticker on it.  The case might be made by Flambeau or something like that, certainly nothing to write home about, but still, it was a nice touch.

I got the version where it came with no furniture at all, but all you really needed was a hand guard, grip, stock and glass and I was ready to rock and roll.  I have a huge bin of spare parts so I figured I could go this route.

This model comes with a heavy profile barrel, standard A2 flash hider, and mil-specish trigger.

It also came with some of the parts to finish off the lower once I installed my grip on it.

The finish on these are far superior my the BCL102.  The 102 is like your anorexic girlfriend who's far too skinny and has really pointy elbows.  Not exactly a pleasure to fondle.  The Stag on the other hand has smooth surfaces and edges, the receiver sets are anodized so you know the aluminum was hardened in the process.  There were also little to no machine marks as compared to the 102.  The 102s were apparently Cerakoted instead of anodized, so the aluminum is softer and prone to damage.  Have I mentioned I hate handling my 102 because of all the pointy edges?

The BCG and charging handle also appear to be superior to BCL's offerings.  The finish is better (the roll pin on the 102 charging handle was actually crooked on mine).

Decently staked gas key.

The trigger that came with the .308 version felt like any mil-spec trigger.  It wasn;t very smooth, but I was confident it would work, and nothing would break.  The rest of the internals felt pretty solid as well.  Have I mentioned that I broke a bolt release in my 102? 

M4 feed ramps

Standard A2 flash hider...just bigger to accommodate the .308 round.

I had a few ambi selector switches as well as a QD sling plate.

Nothing wrong with the factory sling plate, it's just that it's kind of ugly.

BCM QD rear plate.

Anyway, I've built enough ARs to swap it out.  

Dug out a spare Ergo grip out of the spare parts bin.

So that was my Stag 10 lower complete, along with a Magpul stock from my spare parts box.

All I needed was a hand guard......but then I started thinking.....about the 6.5cm version. wasn't much more, but I got a muzzle brake, 6.5cm stainless heavy barrel, as well as a better trigger.  But I already had a 6.5cm with my 102.....

I ended up stripping everything off again and I was back at Reliable to exchsnge my unfired Stag10 in 308 for the 6.5cm. Version for a bit more.

I decided I could always part out my 102, or switch it to a .308.

The brake that came with the 6.5cm version.

Looks like it's part comp too.

Maybe it's just me, but the barrel on the 6.5cm version seems beefier than the .308 version.  My buddy Alex J. had a good argument for the .308 version, that in a SHTF scenario, .308 ammo will probably be more readily available compared to the 6.5cm.  I guess I figured I already have enough rifles in .308, both in bolt gun and in semi auto, so I decided for a couple of bucks more, I wanted the brake and better trigger, along with that massive heavy barrel.

The trigger is a two stage one, not as good as most after market ones (Timney, Triggertech, Geiselle), but smoother and lighter than a standard mil-spec trigger.

Oh, the 6.5cm version also comes with an enhanced trigger guard, which resembles the Magpul one.

I ordered a Midwest Industries 15" handguard for .308 DPMS pattern rifles, however I neglected to order the right height.  I ended up with a .150 upper tang, but I think I was supposed to order a .210 version.  I installed it anyway, and I think I'll just live with it, I don't need a continuous rail anyway.

The gas block was easy enough to remove, as if Stag was anticipating the owner to yank it.

I decided to go with a spare LMT stock I had from my spare parts box and my Bushnell HDMR.  I tried my Vortex Razor HD2, but that think is just way too heavy to lug around.

The rifle doesn't look half bad, and I'm fairly confident it will shoot amazingly well.

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