Monday, July 30, 2012

BMQ 1182

I took some picures during my basic military qualification course (boot camp as some call it) a earlier this year, and I never got around to posting any until now.  Actually, I took over 2,000 pictures so these are just some of the highlights.  BMQ 1182 was one of the more memorable experiences of my life.  There was a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming, a lot of physical training and indoctrination into military rules and regulations, a lot of struggling to stay awake during the lectures, but there was a lot of fun stuff as well, including safe weapons handling, first aid, and working in a team to accomplish a common goal.  I enjoyed my BMQ, and there were moments when I couldn't believe we were being paid to do it all.  Some people pay to do this kind of stuff.  Why do that when you can just sign up and get paid to do it?  I've only been in for less than two years, but I haven't looked back since.

Our course consisted of about 50 people at the beginning of course, and we were divided up into four sections.  I was placed in #4 section, or just 4 section with nine others, but we lost one just a few weekends in.  Our course was a weekend course, basically just a few weekends a month which lasted 4 months, and on top of that, it was a city course, which meant that the staff had to really improvise when organizing a lot of the lessons.  I took this course with a good group of people, from the staff to the other recruits.  It's a shame we weren't all able to continue training together on the next course, BMQ-L.

My buddy Mok standing sentry over the C7s

Mr. Keeso cleaining his C7, Vanderzalm in the background. 

This is what happens when I'm left to my own devices and friends entrust me to watch over their C7.

Another member of 4 section - Duncan.

Duncan again.

Andrews with his C7

K.O.  His real name was long and hard to pronounce so we just called him by his iniials.

Mckay, Parker and Regala, my friends from course who's home unit (Brtish Columbia Regiment) was hosting the course we were on. 

Weibe using the C4 gas mask

Duncan doing pushups with his ruck on.

One of the staff looing at Braun in dismay, wondering why he's in the sleeping bag during kit familiarization. 

Sentry duty at 0200. 

Me, posing for National geographic, haha!

Mok in the foreground, me on top of the G-Wagon during an IED/Patrolling exercise.  Yes, we're not just posing to look cool, it was an actuall exercise. 

The four kids from 39 Svc Bn (my home unit).  From left to right, Mr. Sihota and Ki standing, myself and Dominici in the front.

Regala, myself and parker in one of the tents during our range weekend.  The best weekend of the course.

Haha, my tent leaked a bit and in the morning, I had an ice cold pond in my sleeping back and cot. 

Marching to the range at about 0700.   

Lunch between shoots.

The fog started to roll in, and there were times when our targets were completely invisible.  Haha, I still somehow managed to pass though.

The recruits from my tent, and a mix of all sections.

The crew waiting for CS gas training.

But before that, we were treated to a little fun with the C7s on full auto, as well as a demonstration from the staff.

Then it was back to the gas hut.  We were kind of hoping the staff might have forgotten about it, but they didn't, haha!

It wasn't so bad, and I think only one person threw up.  Not everyone got the MOP suits.  Those of us who didn't had to make due with our rain gear.  Mr. Keeson with the new CADPAT raingear, me with the older  OD green rain gear. 

Group study for First Aid.

4 Section and our staff group photo on grad.
Back row, left to right: Sgt Blair, Pte Vandersalm, Pte K.O., Pte Duncan, Pte Andrews, O.C. Keeso, Pte Pao, and MCpl Pesklevitts.
Front row, left to right: Pte Wiebe, Pte Mok, and Pte Fomin

The four kids from 39 Svc Bn. 

Our friends from the unti that came to watch our grad.

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