Sunday, June 22, 2014

Plinking at 300 meters

It was our buddy Benson's first time shooting his Savage 10TR.  He'd never shot it before, and also, he'd never shot a rifle with optics on it.  Until today, the furthest he'd ever reached out to was no more than 50 meters.  

Jay helping Benson get his rifle bore-sighted.   It's the simplest thing, taking the bolt out and just looking down the pipe to see approximately where the sight-picture should be, then dialing in your scope to approximately the middle of what you were looking at through the bore.  It's a quick and simple way to get your rounds closer to zero without wasting too many of them. 

I can't stop taking pictures of my own rigs, haha!  

So, I'm pretty new to shooting bolt action rifles, but I discovered two things for this weekend that really improved my game:  bubble levers and ballistic calculators.  The bubble leveler is a $30 add-on to insure that your rifle is straight up and down in relation to your glass.  Even shooting at 300m, I found that it was probably very helpful because every time I let off a round, I reset a little and found that sometimes my rifle was canted a bit left or right.  I was also using hold-over rather dialing-in my zero for every distance so if my rifle was titled, I may not have hit my targets.

I used to think these things were complicated to use and probably took more thinking than my tiny little brain was capable of, but it took a lot of the guess work out and saved me a lot of rounds.  Basically, I put in the basic information like range to target, the type of reticle, the grain of ammo I was using, and it would tell me where to hold on the reticle.  I didn't believe it until I tried it.  I was able to put rounds basically exactly where the app said they would go.  It was amazing. 

The targets from 100 meters away.

The targets from 100 meters with 26x magnification.

Zeroing at 100 meters.


Benson after his Mini-14 was zeroed.

After zeroing at 100 meters, we moved out to the 300 meter mark (well, about 298 or something)

 Our friends Roy and Paul came out with their M14s and 700s.

It was a Savage 10TR day.  My 10TR.

Benson's Savage 10TR.

Jay's Savage 10TR.

3 jars of peanut butter from about 235 meters.  I managed to nail all three jars with the help of my new bubble leveler and ballistic calculator. 

 Just like last time, the rest of the afternoon just turned into us obliterating the gong from 300 meters.

Mysterious Roy shooting his M14.  Nobody's seen what he actually looks like, even us.

Benson's Mini-14

From 300 meters, the gong is barely visible.

From up close and personal, the gong looked pretty unhappy.

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