Monday, March 6, 2017

Armalite LPK (Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set)

I picked up one of these Armalite lower parts kits from Wolverine Supplies.  For $99, it was hard to say no considering the Daniel Defense lower parts kits used to sell for about $139-149.  I was able to pick up a DD LPK a few years ago for about $100, but I haven't seen one for that price in quite a while.

I think this may have been the first time I've ever ordered anything from Wolverine and I have to say, they had this thing in the mail and to my door pretty quickly.  

Sealed from the factory, the little kit comes in a small plastic box that looks pretty neat and an installation instructions are included.  If reading isn't your thing, there are tons of youtube videos on how to install an LPK.

It's like opening a box of candy :)

The jewel of the kit is Armalite's 2 stage trigger.  I've read decent reviews on this kit, and look forward to trying it out.  I've read that it takes a little break in for the trigger to settle down to a 5 lb break.

Specs from the factory:

This is the same trigger mechanism used on Armalite AR-10® and M-15 rifles. The Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set provides crisp and reliable trigger control for increased accuracy and repeatability. 1st and 2nd trigger stages are set at approximately 3 and 5 lbs. respectively for a safe yet precise trigger setting. Both stages are adjustable. Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set includes all components needed and installation instructions.

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