Monday, April 23, 2018

Testing out the Ballistic Advantage 18.5" 6.5 CM AR-10 barrel on the BCL 102 at the Abbotsford Rod and Gun Club

Finally got my buddy's 02 running.  Unfortunately, we cannot confirm exactly what was causing it.  So, we originally had the 18.5" Christiansen Arms AR10 Carbon Fiber .308 barrel on there, but my buddy wanted to try the 18.5" Ballistic Advantage 6.5CM barrel.  

When we lined up the base of the aftermarket barrel with BCL's factory barrel, we noted the gas block was set further back on the barrel.

As a result, the gas tube would sit deeper in the upper receiver, but neither of us had any idea if this would affect cycling.  Both after market barrels were the same in this respect, so I wasn't sure changing barrels was going to affect cycling in this case, but he wanted to try it so we threw it on.

They are advertised as 18" barrels, but when I measured the .308 CF one from end to end, it was exactly 18.5", and the 6.5cm barrel is longer.  I swear, sometimes Canadian gun laws are so fucking retarded.

I also noted that his BCG was bone dry the last time he took his rifle out, so I lubed up the BCG with CLP.  We threw on a Vortex Razor HD Gen II and grabbed a few boxes of Hornady 147gr ELD Match and drove it out to the Abby range to test her out.  

Alex shot the four groups on the bottom sheet.

4 round group, so not counting this one.

Since he was pretty satisfied that his rifle was finally running properly, I took it for a test drive and shot 1 group on the top sheet:

I'd say that's ok for a semi auto NR rifle.

I took a few other rifles out for fun, but didn't try to shoot any groups.  I found out though, that my Norc M14 doesn't seem to like Norc ammo,  It was cycling Hornady Steel Match just fine, but not the 7.62 for some reason.

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