Friday, June 15, 2018

BCL 102 painted and assembled.

So, I had the thing assembled, but only partially because I was still missing the gas tube, and I didn't have the proper Armalite barrel nut wrench, but since the gas block showed up, I made it work.  I borrowed a gas tube from another rifle, but it seemed a bit loose in the gas block, which concerns me.  The gas tube roll pin seemed tight enough, but who knows since the block, the pin, and the tube came from different sources.  

Anyway, I stripped the thing apart and took the Rustoleum to some of the parts.  I am probably going to get some heat from some of my pals who aren't fans of painted firearms, lol!

I have a few A2 stocks, so I didn't mind painting this one.  Also, I'm not at the point in the where I feel like shelling out $467 USD for the clone KAC stock (not yet anyway, lol!) 

Since the locking ring was already on the upper, I didn't want to bother taking off the barrel nut again so I just masked everything around it.

A few KAC rail covers.

I really wish this was a KAC hand guard, but beggars can't be choosers, and the Armalite hand guard is nothing to scoff at.  It's well made, it just isn't clone correct, but it will probably be the closest I'm going to get.

As suspected, none of the colors match, unlike the real M110, but at this point, I have accepted the fact that I not only do not have the funds to make it clone correct, some of the parts will probably be difficult to source in the US, let alone Canada.  Not to mention the fact that I still don't know if the KAC hand guard would work with the BCL receiver (barrel nut threads).

Anyway, it doesn't look too bad I don't think.  Actually, I also liked it with the black hand guard, grip and stock, but I was curious how this would turn out and to be honest, I'm fine either way...if only I could have two of these.

With a few of my other projects, some of which I took the OCD to the next level to appease the clone Gods,

If anyone is curious about the parts list:

Surefire muzzle brake - Midwayusa
Ballistic Advantage 6.5cm barrel -CTCS
Factory BCL 102 Gas Block - EE
Random mid-length gas tube - spare parts box
AR Stoner NiB LR308 BCG - Midwayusa
Armalite SASS hand guard - EE
DPMS 308 buffer, buffer spring, A2 receiver extension - Midwayusa
DPMS dust cover, AR Stoner ambi selector- Midwayusa
Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set - Wolverine
Colt A2 stock - EE
PRI tac latch - Midwayusa
Factory BCL 102 charging handle - EE
Spuhr sp4002 - Go Big Tactical
Razor HD Gen II - SFRC
Norgon ambi mag release - Nordic 
KAC buis - EE
KAC M110 taupe A2 grip
Rustoleum Khaki 259514 - Walmart

Wishlist in case anyone has deep pockets and wants to help me get this thing closer to a spec-clone, lol!

KAC-Knight's Armament SR25 MK11 MOD 0 RAS 12 1/4" - the website says it won't fit AR-10, but out of morbid curiosity, I'd still like to see it and see if it fits the Armalite Super SASS free-float handguard barrel nut (I swear, they are identical designs!)
KAC-Knight's Armament MK 11 Mod 0 Folding Front Sight, Push Button Locked
Knight's Armament SR-25/M110 Double High Picatinny Gas Block, 0.750" - of course, I would have to rethink my barrel choices as well.
Premier Reticles Heritage 5-25x56mm

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