Thursday, June 28, 2018

KAC M110 stock for my BCL 102

I let the OCD get the best of me and I ended up sourcing a KAC M-110 SASS buttstock.  I certainly didn't pay full retail for this item as it's been previously enjoyed, however it was still not cheap.  

In fact, my example was pretty beat up, but it's all functional and nothing was seriously wrong with it apart from being very, very used.  So, what makes this thing so special?  I have no idea.  Can someone please tell me why one would pay $476.88 USD for one of these brand new when not on sale, lol!  Anyway, here are some of my observations, there is probably more, but maybe someone else with more experience can chime in.

 From what I can see, it comes with QD mounts on both sides of the stock.

But the most noticeable thing would probably be this massive adjustment knob.  It seemed pretty straight forward, but in my sleep-fucked state, I could not figure out how to extend the buttstock for the life of me.  I couldn't even find a youtube video or a review on this stock, so I had some coffee and finally figured it out.  

For those of you who are like me, and have a two week old baby at home who doesn't like to sleep at night, here's how to do it.  Turn the knob counter clockwise (there's an arrow and the word lock molded into the plastic of the knob), then depress the knob, then you will be able to adjust the length of pull on this thing.  Turn the knob clockwise to lock it up.  It's actually pretty straight forward, but sleep deprivation (or if you're the lowest common denominator like me) may cause difficulties in the operation of this buttstock.

I'm assuming this was rack #14 some unit.

There is no trap door for this stock as the empty space that would normally allow for the storage of a cleaning kit is used up by the mechanism that allows the buttstock to extend.

The standard sling loop has been replaced with a stud where I suppose you could add a sling loop.

I got the color on my A2 stock wrong, Rustoleum khaki came out a little on the light side.  That being said, the KAC M110 stock doesn't exactly match the KAC A2 grip either.  Doesn't bother me though, I'm used to things not color matching, just look at the Canadian Average Green on our C7s, lol!

So, this is something I'd never noticed.  The KAC M110 stock is actually shorter than a standard A2 stock.  It's overall length fully collapsed is probably about the same length as an A1 stock.  It slid right over the A2 rifle length receiver extension, however I had to take the spacer out....

I also had to use the shorter screw that came with my A1 stock.  Good thing I had one.

Anyway, one more step closer to the look I'm after, but it will never be spec-clone of the M110.

That's all for now, will have to figure out what else will fit.

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