Thursday, June 28, 2018

DPMS LPK and Tapco AR stock system - cheap builds

I have a few builds in the works and a few stripped lowers that needed parts.

 SFRC had a crazy 17% off sale, so I ordered a few things.

Got an AFG, an Ergo grip as well as a generic LPK (DPMS) for my CANSOFCOM clone build, as well as a few extra parts since I butchered one of my other ARs for parts to build my BCL 102.

The packaging was different than my last DPMS LPK, but the contents appear to be the same.

I had concerns that the trigger guard was missing as it did not appear on the diagram on the back of the packaging, but it was included.  All parts appear to have some sort of flat black parkerized or phospahate  finish.  I know DPMS isn't exactly match grade, but I've used these kits in the past and I'd rate these as usable and certainly better than something made off-shore.  Some of the generic no-name parts I've seen from TNA are actually pretty crappy, most with an ugly semi-gloss finish, and often not fitting or working properly.

The first thing I always do when slapping an LPK into a stripped lower is to lay out all the parts on my work mat.  I should probably get some sort of work tray or something, but this works for me.

I stripped the Armalite LPK out of my KAC SR-15 and used it on my BCL 102 so it was in need of an LPK again.  Some people will probably cringe at the thought of putting a DPMS LPK into a KAC receiver, but I don't have any concerns.  The DPMS kit is made in the USA, and I seriously doubt I will abuse it enough to worry about anything breaking.  

I started this kit with the bolt catch.

First to go in was the spring, then the detent.

The bolt catch roll pin was already partially in the receiver, so I lined up the bolt catch then tapped the roll pin in.  

I find the cloth draped over the receiver works for me.  I used to tape it all up, but I just don't care anymore, and this method seems to keep the receiver from getting scratched.  The roll pin starter helps a lot.  

Finish it off with the brass punch.

Instead of the DPMS trigger, I decided to yank the Jard trigger out of one of my other ARs and throw it into my KAC lower.  To do that, there's a hex screw that threads in ahead of the grip screw.

For those that aren't familiar with the Jard triggers, they're great, and I think I have mine adjusted down to about 2lbs or so.  It can be a bit of a pain to adjust though.

The pins that came with the Jard trigger I picked up from my pal Hermes.

Next the mag catch.

Mag catch spring from the other side.

You should be able to get a few turns of the button to capture the spring.

The depress the button with a pen, hex key, or whatever you have handy to push the other side out, then you can spin it on as much as you need.

This is the DPMS trigger.  Since I stole the Jard trigger out of another AR, the DPMS unit went into the donor receiver.

And the donor receiver is happy to have a trigger again.

Anyway, back to the KAC lower, I swapped out the DPMS selector switch in favour for the Midway USA ambi selector.

It's cheap, and it sort of looks mil-specish, lol!

This lower won't be any sort of clone build, so on goes the magpul furniture.  This will be my $hits and giggles gun.

Remember to use lots of CLP for the trigger guard roll pin.  I find these can be a huge pain in the ass.

The rear takedown pin.

The takedown pin detent pin.

Buffer retainer spring.

Buffer retainer

Depress the buffer retainer and spin on the buffer tube.

Drop the rear takedown pin spring on top of the detent that's already in there.

Push down the rear plate and spin on the castle nut down on the receiver.

My shits and giggles KAC lower done.  Just need to assemble the upper for it.

Tapco is another name that's got a cringe-worthy reputation in the firearms community.  That being said though, I didn't need a top-tier buffer tube and I didn't want to wait.  I found this at Bass Pro and with the mil discount, it came out to a reasonable price.  

This unit is made in the USA so it gives me a little piece of mind.

Another AR buttstock.  

These are starting to fill my spare parts box like my collection of A2 pistol grips.

Anyway, this was the second lower I built in the same night.  This was a cheap second hand lower I picked up from EE that was previously enjoyed a lot.  There were several blemishes, hence the low cost.  I don't really care because more likely than not, this will be part of a build that will get a nice coat of Krylon or Rustoleum tan, lol!

The engraving I had done wasn't very deep either so this nice engraving will probably disappear with the paint.

Another DPMS LPK for my inexpensive lower.

Again, I started with the bolt catch.  I started the roll pin, then went on to the spring and detent:

The brass marks were already there from the previous owner.

The clone I have in mind calls for a Magpul trigger guard, unlike my previous few clone builds.  

This one was tight, and needed a lot of CLP.

Standard mag release, but since this is a CC lower, I may pick up a Norgon ambi unit.  It's not on the rifle I want to clone, but this may not be an exact spec-clone.

Even using the DPMS trigger that came with the kit.

The DPMS trigger actually isn't that bad.  It's heavier than I'd like, but honestly, I can't tell the difference in terms of quality from a mil-spec one.

The rifle I'm cloning uses an Ergo grip, and I happen to like these a lot over the standard A2 grip, so for that I'm glad.

The rifle I'm cloning actually uses a Magpul ASAP rear sling plate, but I'm not sure I want to go out and buy another sling plate since I have two really nice ones in my spare parts box.  That CQD unit is a colossal pain in the dick to source in Canada, but I think I'll save that one for a future build.  I've used the BCM one on a few other rifles now and it works.

The pic shows the rear takedown pin positioned the wrong way.  The groove should face rearward.

The Tapco buffer tube seemed to be of decent quality.  The anodizing on it seemed good, nothing really to complain about.  Probably a step above MidwayUSA or Brownell's house brand.

The one interesting thing about the Tapco buffer tube is it's notched to fit the buffer retainer.

I like to use nice thick leather gardening gloves whenever using the AR Armourer's wrench.  It gives a little extra grip, and if the stupid thing slips, I'm not going to rip my hands apart.

And that's the second lower I slapped together in the same night.  Need an upper for this one too, haha!

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