Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Heater Core!!!!

The previous owner was driving the truck all throughout summer and I guess there really wasn't much need for a heater up until then, but shortly after I got the truck, the weather got a little chilly and a working heater was going to be essential. My friend Justin and Jay had a look at the truck and noticed right away that the heater core had been bypassed. We plugged it back in and the next day, the passenger side carpet was soaked with coolant. Justin gave Lordco a call and I got myself a new heater core.The instructions we found online showed a simple diagram for us to remove three screws and the whole dashboard would come out. Not so easy, as you can tell on my buddy Jay's face. He was not amused. It was a nightmare to remove the dash, as well as the hoses in the engine bay (which I tore by accident whilst trying to remove them from the core). So, we got the dash out, and then came the casing that contained the core. We found no clear instructions on how to open this casing.

Well, it's been several weeks now and I have nice, hot air coming out of the vents and the carpets aren't soaked with coolant. I am a happy camper.

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