Friday, September 23, 2016

Mk18 Mod 0 or M4 with CQBR

But essentially there's no such thing as a "Mk 18 Mod 1".

The "Mk 18 Mod 0" was a complete weapon system issued in the Navy that came in either a 10.3" or 14.5" configuration.

The CQBR is just a 10.3" upper receiver meant to go atop a M4A1 lower (or in some cases, old M16s). Most of the "Mk 18s" you see aren't Mk 18s but just CQBRs from the original SOPMOD era. The current ones are just upgraded to be more in line with current SOPMOD accessories (Block II), so the DD rail, ATPIAL (LA-5), WMX-200, etc…

So, if you're looking for the uber nerdy technical correct term, it'd be something like "M4A1 with CQBR and SOPMOD Block II accessories".

But, if you're looking for what everyone knows them by, including those who carry them for a living, it's usually just "Mk 18".

Interesting read.

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