Monday, September 19, 2016

Wilcox Aimpoint mount, replacement KAC RAS top rail, and fake KAC can for my Mk18 Mod 0 build

Though it is apparently more desireable to have the KAC RIS system for these Mk18 Mod 0 clone builds, mine was not serviceable and really needed replacing.  I searched for a RIS upper but could not find one so I threw on a RAS upper for now.  This unit came previously enjoyed and the owner decided to krylon the thing with a little tan paint.  I tossed it straight on for photos and see how it would look with my previously enjoyed LMT SOPMOD Gen Juan stock to see if it would match up.

As you can see the RIS on the left (black) is missing chunks of metal and it was only held on by friction.

Also came in was my Wilcox Aimpoint mount, more photos to come.

They don't call quad rails "cheesegraters" for nothing.  I chewed up my thumb a bit trying to get the thing on.

The Delta ring sits straight now compared to before:

Factory Aimpoint PRO mount compared to the Wilcox mount.  As I said before, I replaced the Aimpoint unit for no better reason than OCD.  The original mount in my opinion is superior to the Wilcox unit in that it worked fine, it had spacers for height if necessary and because the fastening knob had a build in torque setting that also facilitated removal.

The painted handguard is a bit beat up, similar to the stock, so it sort of matches, but everything in between is still shiny and new so I'm thinking I still may remove the paint with some brake fluid.

The fake CQD sling, still on the look out for the real thing.  One other thing I noticed a lot of clone builders were using was the tear-drop foward assist.  I'll have to do some more research on this and see if the original Mk18 Mod 0s had these, but it's not an expensive part and easily obtainable so let's see how far my OCD takes me.  I don't see it in this photo, so I might leave it out:

Anyway, some outdoor fun shots with the fake Airsoft corncob on it:

Obvious missing ingredients (at least to me) are the KAC M4QD flash suppressor and a real CQD sling plate.  After that, it's stuff that might not be super obvious:

  • Colt 10.3in barrel and FSB
  • Factory Colt trigger guard
  • Comp M2
  • Surefire M962
  • PRI Gasbuster charging handle which is en route

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