Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holosun HS503GU with 2moa dot and 65 moa circle

I picked up a new Holosun red dot from Reliable a few days ago and well, this isn't my first Holosun, I've had previous models, but I never bothered to do any sort of unboxing or review.  Figured someone might be interested to see what comes inside the box.

The newer Holosuns now come encased in a plastic box lined with foam, where previous generations came in a more simpler cardboard box.

It looks like Holosun borrowed another feature from the Aimpoint Micro T2/H2 playbook with the raised housing to shield the windage and elevation knobs.

The overall footprint of the newest generation appears to be the same as previous generations, so theoretically, it should be able to use Aimpoint micro compatible mounts and bases.

The power settings are still found at the top of the optic.

The 2moa dot is crisp, with a 65 moa cresent moon around it.  I'd be interested in a moa dot like my Eotech, but I haven't checked to see if Holosun makes one yet.  The CR2032 battery life should be good for two years if left on at the lowest power settings, but apparently this model has a motion based auto-off feature.  

To test my theory about the Holosun having the same footprint as the Aimpoint Micro, I took the Holosun off it's 1/3 co-witness mount (the optic also comes with a low mount) and mounted it on my Larue Tactical LT660 1/3 qd mount.  Perfect fit.

These come with a limited warranty:

[quote]Original owner, your Holosun product is warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship with the Holosun Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty specifically applies to the metal structure of the product and does not apply to the optical and illumination systems. The optical system is covered by the 5 year warranty. The illumination system including electronics is covered by the 3 year warranty. Batteries are not covered under warranty.[/quote]

I could have sworn it was a lifetime, no questions asked warranty, but I guess not.

As I've said, I've had Holosuns in the past, and I did have to send one back with power issues (wouldn't on), with a copy of the receipt and original box, but a new one was sent to me before I even posted mine.  Since then, my other Holosuns have not been problematic, and work perfectly.  

I hope that I never have to use the warranty, but I would also like to think that like any other company, Holosun has used the research from previous warranty issues to improve their product, thus over time, reducing the need for customers to use it.  

Some specs from the manufacturer:

Automatic on and off based on motion
2 MOA dot & 65 MOA Circle
Reduced training time and ammunition
Unlimited field of view
Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief
Durable and reliable construction
Low mount and 1/3 Co-witness mount included

Reticle 2 MOA dot & 65 MOA Circle
Parallax Free

Battery CR2032
Battery Life 20,000 Hours using circle dot at setting 6 50,000 Hours using dot at setting 6
Brightness Setting 10DL & 2NV Compatible

Housing Material Aluminum
Housing Finish MAO Finish
Housing Color Black or Flat Dark Earth

Storage Temperature -40C to 70C
Working Temperature -10C to 50C
Waterproof 1m

Dimension 66*64*37mm with high mount
Weight 138g with weight

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