Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mk18 Mod 0 what? Lol!

I got the last few components to my Mk18 Mod 0 build yesterday.  A Knight's Armament Company (KAC) M4QD muzzle compensator and a genuine CQD rear sling mount.  And these two items really were a testament to my OCD because really, why do I need a flash hider that costs $129.99 when I have a regular Colt A2 flash hider that will do the job just fine?  Why do I need to search the ends of the earth for a sling mount the factory one is just fine?  Because that's what builders do, lol!  

They have to get every possible detail correct in order to be satisfied.  I know that this build still isn't perfect, but I don't think I can do much more short of legalizing suppressors so I can use the corncob, and while I'm at it, legalize automatic fire.  Well, there's the Stag Arms barrel and FSB, but it may be a while before my OCD really bugs me about that detail.  

Anyway, on to the parts.  I ordered the KAC M4QD from One Shot Tactical for $129.  I found this one a hard pill to swallow because I really can't tell how improved it is over the regular A2 flash hider.  It has a notch in the lip to time the KAC supressor, and it has grooves all around the circumference, but aside from these details, I can't tell what else is really different.

It was nicely packaged for a muzzle device.  Inside the box came the M4QD packed in a separate plastic baggie from the spacers, which was also packaged in it's own container, along with some instructions.  All my other muzzle devices required crush washers, so this was a first for me.

The KAC unti is a tad taller than the Colt A2.

The installation was fairly simple, throw the upper in a vice block, crank off the A2, and figure out how many spacers you need to time the KAC one.

Next was the genuine CQD rear sling mount.  Don't ask me because it was a one off and it will probably never happen again, lol!  I had messed around with a fake airsoft one simply because these are damn near unobtainium in Canada.  Albiet the airsoft one was made of some sort of magical Chinese super steel, but the problem was it was missing the indexing detent, so theoretically, it could slip out of timing and the result would be you would lose the selector switch detent spring, and you would have a bad day.

A comparison with the airsoft one on the left, and the real deal on the right.  I haven't even fired this rifle yet because I had this fake thing on and I was waiting out for a real one to pop up.



Lol!  That's what's written on the clone.  It's supposed to say "FULL CIRCLE WARRIOR" "CLOSE QUARTERS DEFENSE"

As you can see on the real thing, there is a detent that sits into the lower receiver, ensuring that it doesn't rotate.  The airsoft version does not have this.

Fairly simple installation.  Some people will stake it in place, but I'm perfectly fine not doing this and just torquing down the castle nut.

These are the best photos I could muster this time of day, poor lighting in my laundry room.  Anyway, at a glance, it's pretty hard for a casual observer to tell that just swapped out the muzzle device and sling plate, but it would bug me until the end of time if I ddin't do it, haha!

Now that this project is done, what to do next?  I know I've always wanted a Mk12, but I know I shouldn't....

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