Sunday, June 30, 2019

Testing out my G19x and C8IUR with a few buddies at Abby

Another range weekend at the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club with a couple of pals.  This time I was testing out my Glock 19x, which I've had for months but never fired.  Also, decided to take my Colt Canada CANSOFCOM clone out to try out a new sling and transitioning from rifle to pistol, something I've never actually practiced before.  

Don and his duty pistol...S&W 395354646516541.....actually, I have no idea the model number is.  All I know is it's a chunk, it's got a 100lb double action only trigger and when some idiot asks why didn't the member shoot the perp in the leg, I just shake my head.

Richard doing mag dumps with his .22lr just to knock over one plate, lol!

Vince testing out various springs in his Shadow 2

My buddy Alex and his ???!?

So, I finally got around to taking the Glock 19x to the range.  I've been shooting shooting my Sig M17 the last few range trips and really got to like it so I've completely neglected my one and only Glock that I've bought and actually kept.  I've purchased a few others in the past but sold them all before I even shot them, so this is a first for me.  Actually, I almost sold this one without even firing one shot, but my pal Alex gave me a set of factory night sights for it so I sort of felt compelled to keep this one.

It took a few mags to get used to, in fact, I found the thing a bit harder to shoot than the M17 initially.  I think it might be a bit lighter than the M17?  Anyway, I had to really focus on keeping the thing steady when squeezing the trigger compared to the M17, but once I got used to it, I was able to put rounds on steel.

Eventually, I was able to shoot it like Jerry Miculek...kidding....

....kidding.  Richard had the camera and one of our pals Det grabbed a pile of empty shell casings and threw them in the air as the pic was taken.

Don had his what-ever-this-is adapter for his G19x and it turns out the top rail is made of a pretty flexible plastic and he wasn't able to keep zero with his red dot.  Not a happy day for Don and his glock.

My friend Andrew had his M18 Mod 1 clone out...along with his sweet LMT 40mm launcher.  That is one pricy piece of kit.

A shame we didn't have any 40mm pills to feed it.

Vincent and his sweat NEA upper which was causing him grief to no end.

Every round ended up like this.

My C8 CANSOFCOM clone was doing just fine.  I was just happy it didn't kaboom since it was one of my Frankenstein builds,

I don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to formal training at all.  Of the three-gun matches I've ever done, it's always been shoot the rifle, dump it in the barrel and move on.  Today, I had to learn how to drop the rifle to the side while slung to me and get the pistol out without fumbling the hell out of it (like if I had to catch a football - something I wouldn't be able to do to save my life).

On the way home, I took home a few more boxes of 9mm....this time, just some reloads me and Alex bought in bulk a few years ago.  I've been selling guns I don't shoot and stocking up on, not for the zombie apocalypse, for practice.  I've been watching Garand Thumb a bit more lately and his philosophy is less gucci stuff or fancy guns and more training.  In my case, I don't have time (or funds) to go on courses, but I can get to the range more and work on the basics (just like iaido).

2k rounds doesn't look like much does it?

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