Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Sig M17 mags

I've been taking my Sig M17 to the range lately, and wished that the pistol came with more than just two mags.  I've got piles of mags for my P226 and they came in handy when I tried out a few matches, but my M17 only came with two and I wanted a few more.

A few weeks ago, Londero Sports was having a sale on Sig mags so I grabbed three....as many as I dared without pissing of the wife, lol!

They had black ase plates so I gave them a quick squirt of Aervoe Field Drab and it was almost a perfect match to the factory color.

Factory color on the left, Aervoe Field Drab on the right.

Then, three more mags showed up.  I bought these off EE a few weeks ago and totally forgot about these.  .40cal mags for the M17.  These are designed for .40cal, they still fit 9mm ammo, and these can hold 12 rounds legally.  I know, weird laws.

The base plates have a slightly different design.

I can't tell the difference between the follower.

The body of the mag has a slightly different design, but basically the same shape.

Well, I now suddenly have a pile of mags for this pistol.

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