Friday, August 9, 2013

New grips for my 1911A1

I searched high and low for these Springfielf Armoury wood grips, or the Springfield Armory Cross Cannons grip ($40 plus shipping from Springfielf Armoury).  Amazon and Ebay had a set of these "US" stamped grips selling for about $30 plus shipping so I was fortunate enough to have somone on CGN sell me theirs for $30 shipped.  Figured for $30, it would dress up my Can Am deal Norinco 1911A1 Government, especially since this batch didn't have any Norinco or Made in China markings anywhere on the pistol.

I still have yet to master the art of taking pictures in my apartment with crappy lighting.

Anyway, they're a decent set of grips and I'm pretty happy with them.  I think the wood grips definitely compliment the classic design.  I still like the modernized 1911s with the beaver tail grip safety, the skeletonized hammer and trigger etc but I've also developed a liking to the classic look as well.

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