Monday, January 6, 2014

Magpul 1911 Grips

I ordered these back in November and they were backordered, but as soon as they arrived at the retailer, I receive them within days.  Brownells has them, and so does Midway USA (hell, you can even order them on  I’m not sure which Canadian retailers have them in stock, but it won’t be long if they don’t have them already.  They came in a simple cardboard box, the same cardboard style of packaging as the rest of Magpul’s product line (very earth friendly, haha!). 

Inside the panels were in a plastic bag, and there were simple folded instructions inside (as if you need instructions on how to install these).  They weren’t completely flat and I’m not sure if it was a manufacturing flaw, or they were designed like that, but either way, it didn’t really matter because as soon as you tighten the screws down, they were a perfect fit and there was no gap between the grip panel and the frame.

Aesthetically, they look good.  I’ve heard some people say they are not fond of the design.  The original concept version didn’t look very good, but I think they’ve definitely improved on it appearance wise.  I’ll take them to the range next week to see how they feel in use.

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