Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Grips for the 1911

I ordered some Springfield Armory wood grips about a month ago.  I guess it was a bit confusing for them to process a Canadian credit card and send it here, but they were on sale and I was in no hurry.  Shipped to my door, it only set me back $41 CAD.

I tossed them on my Norinco 1911A1 Government that I got from the 1911 + ammo combo.  That was a sweet, sweet deal at $499.99 and they must have sold a ton.  It's a great 1911 fit and finish, and probably the most inexpensive 1911 on the market today.  The fit and finish on previous Norincos I've come accross were sketchy at best, but this batch was unlike any Norcs from the past.  Anyway, I used to be all into the tacticool mall-ninja black pistols with all the tricked out bits like the beavertail grip safety, the skeleton trigger and hammer and fibre optic sights (haha, sort of like my Remington R1E), I've come to really appreciate the classic look of the 1911A1 Government look, and with a classy set of wood grips, it really pops. 

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