Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BC 3Gun Redneck Championship in Lone Butte, BC 2017 Day 2

As for the wildfires, 100 Mile House was still on standby for evacuation but the order still wasn’t given.  There was even more drinking Saturday night, but I decided to rack out early and not drink as much in case one of us had to drive out of there in a hurry.  By Sunday morning, the sky looked better and we were told that the wind was now blowing north, pushing the fire away from us.  There was a bit of cloud coverage at the start of the day and what appeared to be a bit of rain drizzle.  But as soon as 10am rolled around, the sun was out and it was cooking again.  Hwy 97 was still closed so the only way out of town was Hwy 24, which was actually closed Saturday night.

We finished the last 5 stages of our shoot and didn’t bother sticking around for the door prizes from the match.  As we left 100 Mile House behind us though, we looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the sky was smoky again and it almost seemed like it was following us for a while before the air cleared.  From Hwy 24, we headed east towards Hwy 5.  We had concerns that Little Fort was on fire, but it wasn’t and we drove right through.  There were was some smoke coming from the hilltops, but nothing raging like what we saw in Ashcroft, Cache Creek and 100 Mile House.  We drove through Barriere, which had a fire years ago, and it was strange to see green fields and mountain sides littered with black trees.  By the time we got to Kamloops, we felt like we were home free and it was basically smooth sailing all the way home.

I took a shower when I got home, and a shower the next morning, but I still feel filthy from the weekend.  Probably a combination of the sweat and dust mixed with the tobacco smoke (more than half our squad are smokers and they probably put more smoke in the air than the wildfires did, lol!) and alcohol compounded by the gun smoke and smoke from the wildfires.  I feel like I need to detox for a week, lol!

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